Project Description

Well Key LogoIt was round two for RedHot Jingles Client Smokey Mountain Urgent Care as they launched their new brand for the expansion into the Knoxville market. Owner, Doctor Mike Rothwell was so pleased with the jingle package and radio campaign they purchased from RedHot in 2012 that they asked RedHot to help them deliver a new musical theme and messaging as they rebranded under the name WELLKEY URGENT CARE and made their entry into the bigger, more aggressive Knoxville market.

Wellkey image 1“Doctor Rothwell wanted to upscale a little and target a more urban community than the clientele that they had been serving in more rural Sevierville area. So they needed a more pop, contemporary sound with another memorable hook,” according to RedHot’s creative director.

So Marty and the RedHot Team landed on “GONNA MAKE FEEL BETTER… A WHOLE LOT BETTER” and tapped Nashville Pianist and Producer Jay Vernali to help with the arrangement and recording artist Danielle Peck to deliver the vocals. The result was a punchy, up tempo number reminded the audience that “when you don’t have a lot of time to spend, go where the doctor’s always in”… ‘coz at WellKey, “you’re gonna feel better, A WHOLE LOT BETTTER!”

Rothwell and his staff were big fans of the anecdotal Willford Brimley like character that we created for their first radio campaign and wanted more of the same thing. This time around the writers created a series of 4 spots; Fly Ball, Broken Toe, Stingers and You Don’t Know Jack to help with the name change and introduce the brand to the Knoxville market.

Fly Ball:

Broken Toe:

You Don’t Know Jack:

“When you find a good thing you stick with it” said Doctor Rothwell. And RedHot gave us great music, a great hook, great character voice for our spots, plus great messaging and scripts the first time around, so we naturally just called on them again for all of our broadcast needs!”

We were pleased to be the brains behind the music, the pen behind the words, and voice behind the microphone for WellKey Urgent Care — Another Great RedHot Client on our Completely Satisfied List!