Project Description

All-Star Personnel owner Steve Weldon asked REDHOT Producer Marty Morgan to give him a high energy jingle with a hip new sound to reach his diverse talent pool which ranges pretty much across the board. He wanted to appeal that 25 to 45 year old market from every walk of life and every economic level. And, we need something with cross-the-board ethnic appeal as well.

James Mitchell and Russ Wolfe

Guitar Great and Mister Bass

Steve even had a tune in mind and his own hook line: “DO YOU NEED A JOB?” We took it from there and presented 3 concept ideas. He chose the one with the COOLEST GROOVE!

With a great session team featuring James Mitchell on guitar, Catherine Marx on keys, Wayne Killius on percussion, Russell Wolfe on bass and producing and Rodney Ingles in the engineer’s seat all that was missing was soul singer with some attitude. So we sought out the incredible Miss Angie Prim to sing lead and the whole package had just the right punch and pizzaz that Steve was asking for from the outset.

It was a packed house at THE FUN HOUSE studios on Music Row where veteran owner Ernie Baugh as usual kept everyone comfortable and cool while we laid down some smokin’ hot tracks and had a few big laughs in the process.

Soul singer Angie Primm made client Steve Weldon one happy camper with her great performance.

We not only give our clients what they ask for, we have fun at the same time. Right Steve?