Project Description

kprc-logoThe show is called Houston Life! The music needs to feel fresh and hip and young to line up with the youthful female target market age 25 to 45 that the show is designed to appeal to. “Think Shut Up And Dance With Me” by Walk the Moon or “Roller Coaster” by Bleacher, said Houston Life executive Producer Don Graham. So RedHot senior creative director Marty Morgan called in brilliant young Aussie singer songwriter Katrina Burgoyne to collaborate and “IT’S SO YOU” was born.

Working with Katrina, Marty developed a hip techno kinda pop groove for the song featuring a lot of Oh Oh Oh’s sung on the beat with driving drum track and synthesizer resemblant of the popular 80’s and 90’s sound. After dozens of female singers were considered, up and coming pop/country artist Mandy Brooke (pictured below) was chosen to delivery the lead vocals for the project and the client immediately fell in love with her BIG energy and dynamic range.

The main theme song produced for KPRC Channel 2 in Houston runs about 2:24 in length and there are multiple promo cuts from 4 seconds to 30 seconds that were carved out plus 10 or so bumpers and over 15 seasonal, holiday and thematic treatments which were included in the package.

“We feel really lucky to have partnered with RedHot on this project”, said executive producer Graham. “They do really good work and we couldn’t be happier. They definitely over deliver and are great at execution on every level… from singers, to arrangements, to all the bells and whistles,” he added.

RedHot brought Nashville composer/arranger Geoff Koch to the project to spear head the final music production efforts and former Black River Entertainment engineer Austin Kursave to produce the original theme track that helped win the project over other competing music shops.

It’s been a great new feather in the cap of RedHot Jingles and the team is proud of all the effort, energy and originality that went into every aspect of this theme song. (shown below Aria Stiles and Steve Patrick putting live instrumentation finishing touches on Houston Life theme song)

PHOTOS from the session

Screenshot 2016-09-22 12.24.38

Screenshot 2016-09-22 12.24.50

jennifer and derrick

billboard with logos inset

3 MUSIC Samples from the new project

1. 30 second cut : 

2. Percussion Version: 

3. Country: