Reflecting on an exciting year

The senior team at RedHot had a frolickin good spring and a gangbuster summer. And that’s just regarding going places and meeting people.

Let’s start with TinPan South & John Rich’s Dirty Joke Party

The last week of March represents an opportunity in Nashville to see an unequaled array of incredible musicians, singers, and songwriters during the Tin Pan South songwriter’s festival. Lorrie and I took advantage of this great week to get out and about and listen to a smorgasbord of great performers and to meet new musicians and singers.

Highlights from John Rich’s 6 Hour Joke-A-Thon  event included reminiscing with Mel Tillis about Marty’s father in the early days of country music, and having a drink with Nora Wilson and country music legend, George Jones seen in photo below.

noro wilson, marty and the possum cc'dTin Pan South notable moments  included Kathy Mattea’s headlining in the opening show at the Bluebird on Wednesday March 31st. The lineup also included Pat Alger, Richard Leigh, and John Vezner, all of which are responsible for some of country music’s most well known hits. Richard Leigh has written hits like, “Don’t Make My Brown Eyes Blue,” and Pat Algerhas written countless hits such as, “The Thunder Rolls,” as made famous by Garth Brooks. John Vezner has a laundry list of billboard toppers including, “All Roads to the River.” Lorrie and Marty were at the festival enjoying hit after hit from four of Nashville’s top hit-makers.

This inspiring event came on the heels of Third and Lindsley’s opener with Billy Dean, Billy Montana, Frank Myers, Eddie Raven. These talented men are behind great hits like “More Than a Memory” (Montana), “The Only One,” (Dean, written by Richard Leigh), “You & I” (Myers), and “I Got Mexico” (Raven). With so much talent, how could you NOT be inspired? Marty was also at Edgehill Studios taking in more Nashville songbirds including co-writing friend Kirsti Manna and Julie Forester, as well as dynamo hit writers Bridget Tatum and Lorna Flowers. Of course, the week wasn’t all about making music friends, as Marty also got introduced to superior Music Row banker, Lisa Harless. The AmSouth banker is senior Vice President and head of private banking at this elite Music Row branch.

Topping off these great week of music were country legends Kevin Griffin, James Dean Hicks and Jamie Houston at the Rutlege.

The Songwriter’s Festival was a great opportunity to be surrounded by people who inspire, and also gave RedHot Jingles a chance to add to their talent roster, and enjoy the energy of being around great writers.

larry lying to john rich

This joke was too dirty. Lorries whispers to John

victoria shaw, me and lorrie

Victoria Shaw – mega hit writer w/Lorrie & Marty





If that wasn’t enough, Redhot Jingles Owner  Marty had a late April trip to the emerald island, Ireland to call on some of Dublin’s top ad agencies. Marty traveled with his son, Nathan who captured the entire trip with his expert, professional eye. While the two enjoyed seeing the sights, and experiencing the theater district of Dublin, Marty was also hard at work. Marty received a warm welcome at Chemistry, Bloom, and other prestigious advertising agencies in the area where he met with Mike Garner, creative director at Chemistry and John Mcmahon, the agency’s senior copywriter.

Of particular interest was the opportunity to participate in creating the music for a new United Kingdom Coors Light commercial. RedHot Jingles was among the finalists and presented a demo with a customization from the, Oh Brother Where Thou soundtrack. Marty made a vintage sounding recording in low fidelity style to replicate an older recording. The agency loved the piece, but in the final analysis the client changed creative direction at the last moment and selected a piece created by a punk rock band out of London. Oh well, you can’t win them all, and Marty doesn’t think he would look good with a mohawk.

Marty Morgan and the rest of the RedHot Jingles team did all this while creating and producing hot new demos, planting sturdy advertising roots, and developing initial relationships with a major west coast extreme action sports network with the promise of future projects. But more on that later….

narty, kathy matea and lorrie at blue bird

Lorrie and Marty caught up with one of their all time favorites when they had the pleasure to catch Kathy Matea in the round at The Blue Bird.

RedHot Jingles writer Marty had the pleasure of escorting the talented Amber McDonald to John Rich’s star studded “dirty joke“ party at his Love Circle mansion overlooking Nashville.

marty and ambe big rich party dater