Let’s start at the beginning. April 2nd was a very good day. On this beautiful spring day, the RedHot Jingle Company website finally went live after months of preparation and development.

The RedHot Jingles website, which features well over 50 pages of content and more than 50 audio samples of advertising jingles and custom tracks for marketing events and projects, was designed in conjunction with Nashville web design company, Horton Group. Working with our Creative Director, Marty Morgan, the Horton team helped create a very sleek and stylistic red and white site with a very polished and sophisticated business look reflecting the company’s progressive and upscale approach to modern jingle and music production.

Senior graphic designer, Sarah Stanley led the visual effort for the Horton Group and also developed the new RedHot logo with the signature O-umlaut or “o” with two dots over it,* which is a character from the German alphabet resulting in the collated form of “o” and sounding as “ œ. The simple, yet quickly identifiable treatment with its subtle trademark look is just what the RedHot team was hoping for and projects a cutting edge, almost European flavor that suggests unique style and quality.

The goal of the website was to create a colorful platform that allowed the user to follow our unique attributes and unusual approach to the creation and production of, “music messaging,” where the central focus is not how many times we say the client’s name, or if we list every benefit and possible copy point, but how we can establish a memorable “hook.”

The navigation of the site always leads the viewer back to the central message that at RedHot it is “all about the HOOK!” Our Nashville jingle company thinks writing a hit song and writing a hit jingle are the same thing, and the new website was written and constructed to convey that thought.

The main feature of the website is the comprehensive demo playback system which allows prospects looking for quality advertising jingles to play mini-segments of multiple jingles in one composite track, or play individual solo selections by industry or business category. There is also a playback component that highlights custom programmed music beds, our latest work that’s HOT OFF THE PRESS, and even a playback choice for listening to current demos that are in the works.

Advertising jingle customers seeking a proposal can complete an easy to use contact form to request bids, or submit creative briefs and job requests.

Horton Group programmer, Micah Redding is the genius behind the site’s flexibility, multiple navigation paths, overall user friendliness and superior playback capacity. We wish to thank Micah, Sarah, Jamie, Rudy, Paul, Sebastian, Nicole, Ned and the entire Horton team for their excellent work on our behalf.

The site will give us the ability to reach thousands of prospects every day and demonstrate the great volume of work we can showcase for businesses seeking the perfect musical solutions that help make their messaging unforgettable. Please visit www.redhotjingles.com whenever you need jingles that pay for themselves and help make your product a household name.

*The German alphabet uses the “O” with Umlaut to represent the umlauted form of o. In this form, the phonetic pronunciation denotes the front vowels in [œ] or [ø]. SOURCE – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia