Marty Morgan at the mixing boardMarty Morgan, our senior composer and creative director gets in front of the mic and the mixing board for a hands on style that helps us keep our music unmistakably fresh and HOT!

When the ideas start rolling you can bet our Creative Director will be front and center. And you better have a recorder handy or be fast with a pen if you want to keep up. Cause the ‘buzz saw” only has one speed…..FULL THROTTLE!

Years of training in the craft of writing copy for ads has given Marty the eagle eye when it comes to spotting that unique selling proposition that is going to make a client stand out from the crowd. His job is to identify it, capture it, put it in as simple and as few words as possible, and wrap it in a nice catchy melody that sticks in your head.

replace ment pic for  marty bio on redhot siteHe has written comedy sketches for popular television shows, children’s books and music, ads for everything from chicken feed supplement to cell phones and songs for major recording artists. But it’s his flair and passion for the perfectly constructed jingle or a one of a kind sound design that keeps his motor running.

His 30 plus years in advertising started at age 20 as an award winning rookie copywriter in Birmingham , Alabama. Since then, his career took him to Dallas, Kansas City, New York City and back to Nashville, where he has spent the last 20 years as a writer, creative director, national marketing director and communications consultant before luanching REDHOT with sister and platinum recording artist Lorrie Morgan. Together, they are dynamic duo that sets the tone and keeps the bar high at REDHOT.

You will also hear his voice from time to time on your favorite tv and radio commercials. And, if you watch The Outdoor Channel, that’s Marty’s grizzly pipes playing the announcer of the popular reality hunting tv program “Wild Game Nation”.

A MAN OF MANY HATS…the one Marty wears most is Captain of The Idea Ship at Nashville’s premier jingle service.

He’s ready to get down to brass tacks and discover THE POWER behind your brand or product and get the world singing about it.


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